The detailed update list

So here’s the more thorough list of the major/minor changes that have been implemented!

Added a simple tutorial system and tutorials to explain: the customize menu, classic mode and cube mode.

Cube Mode

  • On cube start, coin grows at center of cube and normal coins spawn/move to big coin to visualize a reward
  • Coin explosion on cube clear, reward = 100 creds

Cube mode keys

  • Start dropping at wave 4 in classic mode
  • Max storage of 3
  • Collecting beyond 3 = +25creds
  • That conversion takes place at the results screen

Added an energy charge-over-time mechanic to the hero’s energy tank.

Ball and paddle now reset and lock on cube completion (thanks Alan!).

Added particle effects to the collection of powerups and inhibitors.

Added death effect to bricks (should I add spin?).

Redesigned/reworked the hero and hero drops systems to be extended and simplified.

Menus – Overall menu system/aesthetic rework

  • Reworked the base hero menu
  • Rework the hero submenu for upgrades and descriptions
  • Hero purchase and switching
  • Upgrading heroes works, including owned but not selected
  • Hero preview works for future heroes not yet released

Options Menu:

  • Reset game data (with confirmation)
  • Mute sound

Implemented the foundation of a versioning system for save data.

Details on the Power-up/Inhibitor Revamp…

1. On block destruction the game decides on a category of drop:

  • Powerup – 15%
  • Inhibitor – 15%
  • General – 40%
  • Nothing – 30%

2. Once it grabs a category it then decides on the drop…

Power-ups:        (based on the Beta Tester hero upgrades)

  • Grow: 75%-95%
  • Extra Life: 0%-5%

Inhibitors:           (based on the Beta Tester hero upgrades)

  • Shrink: 80%-70%
  • Stun: 20%-10%


  • Energy (crystal): 60%
  • Cred:
    • 40% (Wave 1-3 Classic Mode + Cube Mode)
    • 35% (Wave 4+ Classic Mode)
  • Key: 5% (Wave 4+ Classic Mode)

If any of that is unclear or you think it could be reworded to make it easier to understand, let me know!