The Cube Update!

The second mode is now available for early play!

Welcome to the new mode: The Cube!

You can access the new mode through the play menu, just like you enter the classic mode. The gameplay is identical with one addition: rotating the cube. And doing so is as simple as swiping it with your finger.  The only other difference you will find is that Credits no longer drop, those are replaced with Cubits. Currently the Cubits have no use but they will be used to unlock new heroes and upgrade ones you have already unlocked.

Upcoming changes planned for gameplay:

  • Addition of charge-over-time to hero power
  • Upgrades for the C-O-T effect
  • Adding upgrade levels to the test hero
  • Adding a second test hero (with levels)
  • Pomp and flair! (particle effects)

If you download the game, give it a go and want to leave feedback, please feel free to do so on this post, the YouTube video or Discord!