Update 1.1

Welcome back! It’s been about a month and a half since the release and it’s now time to push the first update. With it comes two big changes, a few minor changes and a few bug fixes.

The first big change

Welcome our new hero the Couch Commando!

The commando is a veteran console gamer, most familiar with the shooter genre. They are adaptable and strategic, even in the most-dire of situations! With a formidable arsenal they devastate the field, all while dodging enemy fire.

New power-ups (good drops)

  • Bullets – collecting these will fire them, causing damage to the first brick they hit on the way back up.
  • Active shield – creates a shield that moves back and forth at the bottom of the screen that collects drops and will deflect the ball once.

New inhibitors (bad drops)

  • Mortar – chips away at the paddle size… which cannot be recovered! Will also deactivate the shield.

Hero power – missile!

The missile can be devastating, with very little upgrading the missiles will start blasting away chunks of blocks! Upgrades for the missile include: damage, blast size and stock (ammo).

The second big change

I have added an in-app store!

The store uses the Google Play store for transactions, so you know any transactions are being processed securely. There are currently three items offered through the store:

  • Cred Boost – a ONE HOUR boost to creds gained. This doubles all earned creds: collected, overstock keys and clear rewards! This is only affected by in-game playtime, meaning the main menu and results screens do not reduce the time.
  • No Inhibs – a ONE HOUR respite from Inhibitors. Time works the same as with the cred boost. When high-score tables are implemented, while this is active, games will be ineligible for high-score submission.
  • Ad Removal – remove advertisements without losing the benefit of watching one (get an extra ball).

Regarding Permissions

When integrating the store, the Unity IAP package added the READ_PHONE_STATE android permission, which is presented as “Make and manage phone calls”… for some reason. Rest assured, Super Node Breaker does no such thing.

As for the original permission ACCESS_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, which presents as something along the lines of needing access to photos and files… the games preferred install location is set to EXTERNAL as default, which requires this permission, and is used to create, read and modify the games SAVE files, nothing more.

Minor additions and tweaks

  • New song – Extreme Action from
  • Randomized in-game playlist
  • Ball now only launches up
  • Added a version label to the menus


Bug fixes

  • Main menu/sub menu transitions should now all work as intended
  • Scene transition hang-up fixed
  • Fixed an issue that caused some odd behavior when an upgrade becomes maxed
  • Fixed an issue that caused the energy over time to stack


On another note:

The cool looking icons used in-game and in this and another featured image are from