Some quality of life changes v0.4.3

Some small changes to improve quality of life:

  • Changed hero power property Delay to Speed: Rate of fire.
  • Changed wording in tutorial to state that all non-metal blocks need to be cleared to complete a wave, not all blocks.
  • Added a splash screen to first use after fresh install that recommends looking at the tutorial.
  • Added arrows to the results screen to indicate additional content in score/earnings boxes.
  • Added time based prize to The Cube. Clear time < 2min = 300 creds; < 2.5min = 200 creds; > 2.5min = 100 creds.
  • Slight pause added to transition between game and results screen, a friend wanted to read the little phrases.
  • Added a high scores menu to the play menu.
  • [Bug fix] Cube mode clear timer now working properly.

S.N.B v0.4.3 [30.8mb] [8/22/18]