General Privacy Policy

Gamitus Labs, Inc.

Effective as of, October 13, 2018. [Last updated: October 13, 2018]

This is a living policy and will be updated as needed to provide any, and all, needed information.


We, at Gamitus Labs, are currently not actively collecting, using, storing or sharing information on or about our users. However, since the platforms used to develop, distribute and/or host our products and/or services do, and we have access to some of said data; therefore we are required to disclose this. When Gamitus Labs does start making use of the data to create and provide better products and/or services this policy will be update to reflect those changes.

Current platforms in use that collect data:

  • The Unity Engine
  • Google
  • The Gamitus Labs web-site

For ease of access, here are links to corresponding policies:

Data Related

What Gamitus Labs currently makes use of is general analytics data (e.g. active users, number of installs, ads viewed, purchases, etc.) provided by the Unity and Google developer consoles.

App Permissions

Android apps (e.g. Super Node Breaker) may ask for the user’s permission to access the following:

STORAGE [READ/WRITE]: The games preferred install location is set to EXTERNAL as default, which requires this permission, and is used to create, read and modify the games save files.

READ_PHONE_STATE: This was added to the manifest on integrating the Unity IAP interface (in-app purchase) and is necessary for the store/purchases to function properly.